shot of the Logitech Vertical MX mouse

The hardware

The mouse feelss nice and it’s comfortable. I didn’t have issues getting used to the main buttons, but the extra thumb buttons took a while getting used to. I recommend it if you have pain issues

The software

The mouse is plug and play, but configuring those thumb buttons was more of a struggle. Logitech’s is the typical huge corporate website geared towards marketing, where finding stuff is not always intuitive. Eventually I learned that you need to install software called “Logi Options” (here is the Logi Options download page) which will ask for a few permissions (be aware, in case you start doing something else and the pop up window is hidden). After that you are good to go and you can start configuring everything.

Configuring the mouse buttons

Obviously I left the standard left and right buttons as they are, and the mousewheel for document scrolling. Initially I configured one of the thumb buttons to navigate through spaces, but that felt a bit awkward; the mouse cursor doesn’t move, but the windows do. Instead I use it to fire AlfredApp. The other button I assigned to the ESC key, will see if that works (after all, the whole point of VIM is not to use the mouse). Alternatively it may be a good way to fire app Rocket, the emoji app