tag: quick tips

Stopping cSpell from using .gitignore

0 min read
cSpell is a spelling plugin for VS Code. Not my favourite, but the only one I found. It isn't particularly well documented though. It avoids spell checking files in .gitignore. To stop that, you need to add "cSpell.useGitignore": false, to your settings

Making a simple voice recording on a Mac

0 min read
To make a quick voice recording with OS X: open Quick Time Player, under the File menu there is a "New. Audio Recording" entry. It automatically saves .mov files in your Movies folder, which you can then open in Audacity or the editor of your choice.

Changing title of CMD window

0 min read
title some words will change the title of your cmd shell in Window
The title will be `some words` instead of `C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe`. Handy if you have a few of them open and can't tell them apart.

A good place for scripts in OSX

0 min read
Where to put unix based scripts on a Mac without them getting in the way? Simple: create a bin folder in your home directory, and add it to the path:
export PATH=~/bin:$PATH