tag: bash

3 min read
A CLI task I find myself doing often with sed
2 min read
Storing your CLI config files (.bash_profile and all the rest) on github makes sense - as a backup, but also to compare and learn.
6 min read
Sometimes you need to copy your local version of a project under subversion to a new location, without all the .git stuff. Here's a couple of ways of doing it.
5 min read
Extended attributes store extra information about files in OS X. They replaced resource forks. Sometimes those extra hidden files confuse peripherals (e.g. mp3 players) that were not setup to deal with them. Here are some terminal commands to handle them.

A good place for scripts in OSX

0 min read
Where to put unix based scripts on a Mac without them getting in the way? Simple: create a bin folder in your home directory, and add it to the path:
export PATH=~/bin:$PATH
2 min read
Looking for files inside an archive, without having to extract them first using Apple's Terminal.
2 min read
Finding files that were changed in the last day, sorted by size, using Apple's Terminal
7 min read
Rar is a popular archive format on the web. When I need to unarchive several rar files at once, I use RarLab's command line tool. Here's how