Canvas Tutorials Links


The challenge this week: collect HTML5 canvas tutorials and assess them.

About the challenge

There are quite a few Canvas tutorials around. For this weekly challenge I decided to try a few, see which ones are good and which ones aren’t.

In depth canvas tutorials for beginners (8)

HTML Canvas Deep Dive Book

Still under construction

Nettuts: Canvas from Scratch

Starts from very beginning, fairly thorough.

  • Draw basic shapes: circles, rectangles, lines
  • Line styles
  • Bezier Paths
  • Drawing states
  • Transforms
  • Shadows
  • Gradients
  • Images

HTML5 Canvas Tutorials

Demonstrates each API function in turn, may be too long for a week.

  • Draw basic shapes: circles, rectangles, lines
  • Bezier Paths, complex paths, line joins and rounded corners
  • Gradient and patterns
  • Images
  • Text
  • Shadows
  • Transforms
  • Matrix Transforms
  • Composite operation
  • Charts
  • Animation
  • CSS
  • Responding to user input

Apple Canvas Tutorials

Very indepth - too much so for a week in fact. The only ones so far to include sound.

  • Draw basic shapes: circles, rectangles, lines
  • Bezier Paths, complex paths, line joins and rounded corners
  • Fills and clipping regions
  • Gradient and patterns
  • Images
  • Text
  • Shadows
  • Composite operation
  • Transforms
  • Image data
  • Animation
  • Combining canvas with audio
  • simple games
  • video

Dive into HTML Canvas

Nice and detailed, doesn’t stray from the basics

  • Draw basic shapes: rectangles, lines
  • Text
  • Gradient and patterns
  • Image data

HTML 5 Canvas Deep Dive

Thorough, from beginner level

  • Draw basic shapes: circles, rectangles, lines
  • Gradient
  • Images
  • Text
  • Image data
  • Animation
  • Composite modes
  • Shadow

MDN: Canvas tutorial

From basics to animation.

  • Draw basic shapes: circles, rectangles, lines
  • Images
  • Transforms
  • Composite operation
  • Basic animation
  • Optimizing

HP webOS Developer Center HTML Canvas Tutorial

Thorough basic tutorial from HP, of all people

  • Draw basic shapes: circles, rectangles, lines
  • Images
  • Gradients
  • Image data

Rob Hakwes Learning the basics of HTML5 canvas

Excerpt from book. Covers basics in too much details. Not that useful to experienced programmers.

  • Draw basic shapes: circles, rectangles, lines
  • Line styles
  • Text
  • Clearing content

Drawing rotated images into canvas | CreativeJS

Basic tip

Single task tutorials / special interest (9)

Nettuts: How to Generate Noise with Canvas

One specific effect, 17 mins video. Doesn’t actually work on my machine

Nettuts: How to Transition an Image from B&W; to Color with Canvas

A single effect, 8 mins video

Quadratic and Bezier Curves

a 7 mins video on a single topic

Calculated drop shadows in HTML5 canvas

Specific task, beginner level

Circles, Spirals and Sunflowers

Double Rainbow All The Way

Both interesting, unusual tasks, not too advanced.

How to create water Ripple effect using HTML5 canvas

Single task

.net magazine Create a page flip effect with HTML5 canvas

Specific task, medium

WebDevHub tutorials

Short and sweet animation tutorials, middle level

Facebook Canvas Tutorial

Covers FB apps, obviously

Advanced tutorials (11)

Faster Canvas Pixel Manipulation with Typed Arrays

Strongly typed JS… oh yeah

CreativeJS 3D pixel particles

Short and sweet

Make an explosive firework display | CreativeJS


@Quasimondo: Canvas Blur


Dream.In.Code -> Week 35 - Javascript: Generating and Drawing a Procedural Maze

Simple but nice

Making Image Filters with Canvas

Another awesome one

Nettuts: Fun With Canvas: Create a Bar Graphing Plugin, Part 1

Covers some basics and then a simple task. Boring but potentail to expand it

Typographic effects in canvas

Excellent, thorough

Face Detection in JavaScript via HTML5 Canvas

Hardly a tutorial at all

How to Draw Quadratic Curves on an HTML5 Canvas

Very short

31 days of Canvas tutorials

Very nice, advanced, animation

Canvas bitmap operations - bitblt in JavaScript

Advanced tutorial on some more obscure feature.

Implementing Layers in CamanJS

Advanced tutorial on some more obscure feature

Understanding Differences in Hardware Acceleration through Paintball

Advanced Creating an HTML 5 canvas painting application

Nice step by step for an app, advanced

Procedural drawing in canvas -

Advanced - and very cool.

Manipulating video using canvas

Advanced, video

Realtime HTML5 Canvas Drawing with WebSockets, Node.JS &


Improving HTML5 Canvas Performance


Build your own HTML5 3D engine


Games (7)

How to make a simple HTML5 Canvas game

Beginner game tutorial

Canvas Breakout tutorial

Build a breakout game in canvas. Basic and good.

How to implement a 3D engine in HTML5 -Marius Gundersen, Origami3d Engin

Thorough, includes games

Game Development with JavaScript and the Canvas element

Not sure how thorough it is

Creating pseudo 3D games with HTML 5 canvas and raycasting

In depth, specific task, games.

Accelerated Game Programming with HTML5 and canvas

Quick but good game

.net Create a mobile version of Snake with HTML5 canvas and JavaScript

Thorough basic game tutorials

Too short or too basic

So that’s about 50 tutorials - didn’t realize I had bookmarked so many.

Challenge 50% complete

I hoped I could write a short tutorial of my own, but I underestimated the amount of tutorials I had collected